From Baltra Airport to Puerto Ayora

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Once you arrive to the Galapagos Islands, you will have to go from Baltra to Puerto Ayora and I will explain you the steps you’ll have to follow to get to one of the most spectacular places you will know.

The Baltra Airport is about an hour from Puerto Ayora and it is required to know certain things so the trip becomes pleasant and we do not feel confused or lost. So when your flight arrives in Baltra, the first thing to do is pay the tax to the Galapagos National Park ($100.00) so you will find two rows one for foreigners and one for Ecuadorian people.

Once you have paid the taxes and recovered your bags, as soon as you leave the airport you will see the buses that are waiting for passengers to take them to the “Itabaca Channel”. This trip takes about ten minutes and the cost is 5 dollars. When you arrive at this Channel,  there is a ferry waiting to cross with passengers and suitcases the cost is $1.00 and also takes about 10 minutes to cross. You are just entering the wonderful world of the Galapagos when sea lions and seabirds accompany visitors and you can take the opportunity to start taking your first photos.

After this crossing you will arrive at Santa Cruz Island where many taxi drivers will be offering their service to take you to Puerto Ayora, the cost is 25 dollars per person and the trip takes approximately 40 minutes. You will also find the option of taking a bus and the cost is $3.00, so it’s a good option if you don’t mind to sacrifice a bit of comfortability and the lack of air conditioning.

Puerto Ayora is a super charming place, it is actually a small town full of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and outdoor markets. And it is the main port where all boats leave for the other islands.You finally arrive at one of the most charming places you’ll ever find.


María Augusta Salazar Campos

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